Gezondheidsinventarisatie Weimaraner club of Great Britain

De Weimaraner Club of Great Britain ( is bezig met een Weimaraner gezondheidsonderzoek via een enquete.

We willen u uitnodigen om deel te nemen aan deze inventarisatie.


We have just launched a new Weimaraner health survey. This time we are looking at life span and cause of death for Weimaraners. We are hoping this short survey will enable us to determine:
– average life span
– long lived lines
– changes in average life span since the 1950s
– differences between dog and bitch
– differences between neutered and entire dogs
– the common causes of death in the breed and any links to age and neutering
The survey is open all Weimaraner owners around the world and we have a question to identify country of birth, so will be able to pull out country-specific data.
The WCGB is happy to share the data. The survey runs for another month or so and the results will be presented at our AGM in 20 April and then published.
The survey can be found here